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Velpeau Immobilizer

HCPCs - L3660 & L3670


Product Advantages and Uses

  • Padded straps throughout the shoulder and waist​

  • Cast support​

  • Injuries to the arm, wrist, or hand​

  • Breathable material for patient comfort​

  • O-ring on strap for ease of movement​

  • Universal-fits left or right arm


Product Description

The Velpeau Immobilizer does surgical repair of the rotator cuff, anterior dislocation of the G-H joint, and most arm, wrist, or hand injuries.

This includes padded straps throughout the immobilizer for the shoulder and waist and operates on the outside. The Velpeau uses D-rings to reduce mobilization.

Sizing Charts

Velpeau Shoulder Immobilizer Sizing Char
Velpeau .jpg

Shoulder Strap

Waist Strap


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