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TLSO Back Brace

HCPCs - L0456 / L0457

TLSO From the Back
TSLO Back Brace Closed
Folding Chart

Product Description

The TLSO back brace provides stability and support for chronic sprains and strains of the thoracic spine, spinal stenosis, and post-surgery support.​ It's effective in providing compression and support to the thoracic and lower spine, helping to prevent further injury.


The TLSO has a 19'' back panel, and It has an easy to use universal sizing system with adjustable pull tabs.  It uses triple-woven nylon strings to prevent snapping.  The thoracic strap can be used for adjusting the height.

Sizing Chart

TLSO Sizing Chart.png

Optional Accessories

Product Advantages and Uses

  • The TLSO Back Brace is ideal for low back pain/sprains,  Osteoporosis, and many other back injuries

  • Strong buckles and harness for a more comfortable brace

  • Easy to use universal sizing system

  • Adjustable, duel pull tabs to allow optimal compression

  • Breathable mesh fabric allows airflow to keep patients cool and dry over long periods of time​

  • Thoracic strap for adjustable height

  • Compound pulley system that has triple-woven nylon strings


Back Panel


Shoulder Straps


Posterior Support


TSLO Closed Tight (ghost).jpg

Nylon-String Pulley System

Adjustable Pull


Side Panels

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