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Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer 

HCPCs - L1830

Tri-Panel Knee
Tri-Panel Knee Standalone
Tri-Panel Knee Back
Tri-Panel Knee Back Open
Tri-Panel Knee Side Open
Tri-Panel Knee Unwrapped
Tri-Panel Knee Lower 3 Straps
Tri-Panel Knee Front
Tri-Panel Knee Side

Product Advantages and Uses

  • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCC Injuries, Tibia plateau fractures, Meniscal repairs, or Patella tendon repairs

  • Fully adjustable side panels that adjust the size of the brace for easy application​

  • Each panel contains its own sewn-in aluminum stay rod for rigid support​

  • Egg carton Foam that suspends knee in brace (2-3in thick)

  • Durable three-piece construction

  • Size differences are the height of the brace

Multi-Panel Design

2 (5).jpg

Product Description

The Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer keeps your knee stable post-surgery. It can be used when knee injuries such as collateral ligament sprain, patellar dislocations, or osteochondral fractures.

It has a three-piece design to ensure a perfect fit.  This immobilizer has stable, lightweight posterior stays with an aluminum rod and multi-strap closures. The center of the brace includes an egg carton foam that suspends the knee in the brace.

Sizing Chart

Tri-Panel Knee.png

Optional Accessories

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tripanel knee.jpg

Anti-Migration Strap

Flexible Stay

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