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Thumb Spica Mini

HCPCs - L3924

Thumb Spica Mini
Thumb Spica Mini

Product Description

The Thumb Spica Mini helps with aggravating thumb pain without restricting finger and hand movement. It protects and secures the thumb, so injuries can heal. Does not fully cover the Distal IPJ.

It immobilizes the CMC/MPC joints, so it prevents further injury.  It is sized based on wrist circumference. 

Sizing Chart

thumb mini sizing chart.png

Removable Palmer Stay

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Hyperflexion Injuries, and carpal tunnel

  • Collateral ligament injuries of distal interphalangeal joint

  • Comfortable compression

  • Easy-to-use contact closure​

  • Wraparound design for hassle-free application

  • Does cover Carpal-Metacarpal joint and helps with Collateral Ligament Tear AKA Gamekeeper's Thumb

Thumb Spica Mini.png

Laces-To-Velcro® EZ-Tie Straps

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