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Shoulder Immobilizer with Abductor


HCPCs - L3660 & L3670

Shoulder Abductor
Shoulder Abductor Side
Positioning Pillow on Strap
Straps Close-up
Excercise Ball Close-Up
Positioning Pillow

Product Description

The Shoulder Immobilizer with Abductor Support has a sling that can be from 16.5'' to 20.5.'' It includes a removable positioning pillow, which keeps the arm and shoulder away from the body and prevents hanging.


The exercise ball encourages circulation and exercise. Arms are able to be in many positions. This can fit in the left or right arm. Perfect for Posterior capsule repairs, dislocations, rotator cuff repairs, Anterior repairs, and most shoulder surgical procedures.

Sizing Chart


Product Advantages and Uses

  • Bankart and Slap lesions​, anterior dislocations and repairs, and rotator cuff repairs​​​

  • Total shoulder reconstruction​

  • Posterior capsule repairs​

  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap and waist loop prevents migration​

  • Quick-release buckle system for shoulder and waist straps for ease of application and removal​

  • Improve shoulder recovery and rehabilitation​​​

  • Cool breathable immobilizer with pillow and exercise ball​

  • Envelope is perforated and has closure straps

Shoulder Abductor 9.jpg

Waist Strap

Shoulder Strap

Positioning Pillow

Exercise Ball

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