Range of Motion

Telescoping Elbow Brace


HCPCs - L3760

ROM Elbow on Arm
ROM Elbow
ROM Elbow from Elbow Perspective
ROM Elbow Back
ROM Elbow Zoomed-In
ROM Elbow Zoomed-In

Product Description

The ROM Telescoping Elbow brace is a flexible, easy to put on, and long-lasting brace. It allows it for the best range of motion to help with patients after surgery or injury.


The bicep cuffs and malleable forearm form for a customized fit. All four cuffs are fit to size so that it's more of an accurate fit for any patient.  The straps allow it for the best adjustment for your hand. It's universal and the size fits most patients.

Sizing Chart

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Post elbow surgery and arthroscopy

  • Elbow reconstruction

  • Stable fractures

  • Mild to severe soft tissue injuries

  • The one-touch button enables easy release length adjustments

  • Easy to use hinge makes flexion/extension adjustments simple

  • Neck strap included

  • Available left or right

  • Padding on straps reduces migration

Bicep Cuffs

ROM Hinge