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ROM Post-Op  Telescoping Knee

HCPCs - L1832/L1833

ROM Knee Unstrapped
ROM Knee Front
ROM Knee Side Vertical
ROM Knee Side Bendable
ROM Knee Front Close-Up
ROM Knee Detached
ROM Knee Close-up Tightening
ROM Knee Close-Up
ROM Knee Front

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Ligament and fracture-related surgeries, ACL, PCL meniscus repairs, or stable fractures

  • Variety of accurate settings, 10 flexion, and 9 extension settings​

  • Size differences are made by the Adjustable height

  • Easy to use range of motion hinge

  • Soft foam material for excellent comfort​

  • Hook and loop closures for easy girth adjustment and exact fit​

  • Lightweight while strong and durable​ and Slides to adjustable struts from 17"-28"

  • The padding for the cool brace pads are perforated, while the pads for the regular are cotton

Product Description

The ROM Telescoping Knee Brace is for post-op, rehabilitation, and people with ACL and PCL injuries.  It is available in both a cool and regular version.

It has an Occur® hinge that goes from 17'' up to 28''.  It is designed to stabilize the lateral and medial areas of the leg.  Includes a foam condyle® pad and bi-lateral medical-grade fastener straps.

Sizing Chart

ROM Telescoping.PNG

Optional Accessories

Annotation 2020-08-17 111436.png
Annotation 2020-08-14 145310.png

6-Strap Locking Design

ROM Hinge

Comfort Foam

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