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Recovery Ankle Brace

HCPCs - L1906 / L1971

Recovery Front
Recovery Back
Recovery Front with and w/o Extender
Recovery Back with and w/o Extender

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Tendon injury, sprain, strain, ankle instability, or osteoarthritis of the ankle and foot​​

  • Features a front closure and easy Velcro® strapping system for quick, secure, and comfortable fit​

  • Easily heat molded footplate to allow the brace to be custom-fit to any persons' specific anatomy​

  • The optional posterior panel gives the brace more leverage which allows the brace to have more control of the hindfoot and ankle complex.​

  • EZ-tie lacing is attached to Velcro® attached to the brace, so no tieing is required

Product Description

The Recovery Ankle Brace is a lightweight, low profile ankle brace that helps with ankle eversion/inversion, and rotation. A bi-lateral single action hinge that allows for a full range of motion. This step down brace has the ability for a patient to take the extender out for just the shoe.


The moldable footplate and the optional adjustable calf cuff provides unsurpassed levels of fit, support, and comfort. It also includes a padded booty and tongue, and uses EZ-tie lacing attached to Velcro® attached to the brace, so no tieing is required.

Sizing Chart

Recovery Ankle.jpg
Recovery Ankle 1.jpg

Locking Support

Circumferential Padding

Easy Velcro® Strapping System

Bi-Lateral Single Action Hinge

Optional Accessories

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