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Polar Bear Cryo Pneumatic Thigh/Calf

Cryo Thigh/Calf Front
Cryo Thigh/Calf Side
Cryo Thigh/Calf Front
Cryo Thigh/Calf Inside

Product Description

The Cryo Pneumatic Thigh/Calf is meant to help with post-op injuries and is designed to compress the thigh/calf and for cold therapy.  It has a pump that can be detached once you have the compression that the patient desires.  

Sizing Charts

Cryo Theigh and Calf.png

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Pneumatic compression with cold therapy

  • Used after an operation

  • Thigh pain or aches

  • Physical therapy

  • Decrease swelling

  • Reduces muscle spasms

Comes With 

Ice Pack

Cryo Thigh Calf Ice Pack .png
Cryo Thigh Calf 1.jpg
Cryo Thigh Calf 2.jpg

Cryo Thigh/Calf

Ice Pack


Velcro® Straps


Air Pump

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