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Polar Bear Cryo Pneumatic Ankle

Cryo Ankle Back
Cryo Ankle Side
Cryo Ankle Inside
Cryo Ankle Front

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Pneumatic compression with cold therapy

  • Used after an operation

  • Severe ankle sprains

  • Physical therapy

  • Decrease swelling

  • Reduces muscle spasms


Cryo Ankle

Ice Pack

Product Description

The Cryo Pneumatic ankle is meant to help with post-op injuries and is designed to compress the ankle and for cold therapy.  It has a pump that can be detached once you have the compression that the patient desires.  

Sizing Charts

Cryo Ankle.png

Comes With 

Ice Pack

Cryo Ice Pack Ankle.png
Cryo 1.jpg
Cryo 4.jpg


Velcro® Straps

Bladder Air


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