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Motion Ankle

HCPCs - L1906

Motion Ankle Back
Motion Ankle Front
Motion Ankle Side
Motion Ankle Leaning Back
Motion Ankle
Motion Ankle Leaning Forward

Product Description

The Motion Ankle is a prefabricated ankle-foot orthosis with a free motion single action bilateral hinge.  It's made of neoprene line padding and polymer uprights for maximum comfortability.  Also, it has padded sizeable straps made of medical-grade Velcro®.

Sizing Chart


Product Advantages and Uses

  • Chronic and or lateral ankle instability, acute ankle sprain, tendonitis, or post-fracture care​​

  • You can place the footplate under the removable insole of the shoe to increase comfort​

  • Polymer uprights offer vertical stability​

  • Provides medial and lateral support and can be worn easily with most shoes​

  • Comfortable enough for everyday use​

  • Neoprene line padding inside the brace for more support​

  • Padded sizable straps for a more flexible fit

Motion Ankle 3.jpg

Medical Grade Velcro®

Bi-Lateral Single Action Hinge

Moldable Foot Plate

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