Loop Finger Splint

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Loop Big Kit 2
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Loop Big Kit

Finger Loop Sizing Chart (Each)

Finger Loop Sizing Chart (Group)

Product Description

The Loop Finger Splint's angled band allows each splint to fit at a much tighter or looser fit depending on which end is put on the finger first.

It is designed to help heal injuries, and combat problems caused by conditions such as Arthritis, Trigger Finger, Mallet Finger, Crooked Fingers, and much more. 

Loop Finger Splint Kit

  • 44 piece kit that includes sizes from 2 through 15 (sizes and number are shown below)

Product Avantages and Uses

  • The Loop Finger Splint is a comfortable, lightweight, and low profile design that Making it comfortable to wear during everyday life.

  • 14 total splints with 2 different sizes per splint for 28 total sizes!

  • Lightweight, Waterproof, Durable, and low profile makes this the most comfortable day and night finger splint

  • Additional splints can be purchased in groups of 3 or as a 44 piece kit.