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Knee Wraparound Internal Deluxe

HCPCs - L1832 / L1833

16 In Knee Front
Knee Wrap Internal Hinge
16 in Knee Side
Knee Wrap Internal Hinge Side
16in Knee Closeup
Knee Wrap Internal Hinge Side
Knee Wrap Internal Hinge Vertical
Knee Wrap Internal Hinge

Product Description

This knee wraparound comes with a covered deluxe ROM hinge that helps to stabilize the knee.  The deluxe hinge is easily removable for adjustment.

This knee brace is designed as an open patella wraparound with sewn-on bi-directional Velcro® straps for easy adjustment. It is perforated and has a posterior opening so that the knee prevents bunching.

Sizing Chart

Screenshot 2024-05-17 111649.png

Comes with Deluxe Hinge

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Arthritis​, knee joint instabilities, and ACL/PCL sprains​

  • Medial and Lateral Meniscus Tears/Repairs

  • Used for Post-op surgery

  • The wraparound design allows for a custom fit​ and includes bi-directional Velcro® straps

  • 2 Dual-axis motion hinges with adjustable flexion/extension stop to adjust exact degrees​​​

  • Available in 12 sizes​ and in 12" or 16"

  • Sewn-on hook and loop closure for maximum strength and stability

  • Posterior opening and includes perforated, breathable material

Optional Accessories

Annotation 2020-08-17 111436.png
Knee Internal Deluxe 1.jpg

Covered and Removable ROM Deluxe Hinge

Open Patella Wraparound Design

Sewn-On Velcro® Strap

Perforated, Breathable Material

Perferation Knee.png
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