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Knee Hinged Deluxe Universal

HCPCs - L1832 / L1833

Layout of Brace
Universal Knee Front w/ Strap
Universal Knee Front
Universal Knee Right Side
Universal Knee Side Profile
Universal Knee Left Side
Universal Knee Back Profile

Product Description

This brace is a one-piece universal design that comes with a deluxe hinge.  Its indications are for mild to moderate joint pain, sprain, strains of the knee ligaments.

The universal knee uses a donut buttress made of soft rubber with a small Velcro® contact patch for extra compression. It also has perforation for more breathable material and has interior padding. It uses a two bi-lateral strap design.

Sizing Chart

Screenshot 2022-06-30 110150.png

Comes with Deluxe Hinge

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Universal One-Piece design with universal sizing

  • Arthritis​, knee joint instabilities, and ACL/PCL sprains​

  • The wraparound design allows for a custom fit

  • Donut Buttress and has Velcro® contact patch for compression

  • Used for Post-op surgery​

  • Dual-axis motion hinge with adjustable flexion/extension stops​​

  • Uses two straps that are bi-directional.

  • Perforated, breathable material and includes interior padding

Optional Accessories

Knee Ice Pack 3.jpg
Annotation 2020-08-17 111436.png

Bi-Lateral Straps


Removable ROM Hinge

One-Piece Design

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