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Foam Sling & Swathe

HCPCs - L3660 & L3670

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Shoulder or arm instabilities or injuries

  • Unique chest strap immobilized the upper arm eliminating the need for humeral cuff

  • Two over-the-shoulder crisscross straps with a slide buckle for proper strap adjustment. 

  • Keep Forearm in the desired position

  • Fully drilled-in perforations for an extremely breathable material

Product Description

This shoulder immobilizer sling assists in the prevention of shoulder movement.  Make sure to hand wash in cool water with mild detergent and air dry.


This has full perforations that were drilled in with one piece of foam to have an extremely breathable material.  It also includes crisscross straps for a better and more comfortable fit.

Sizing Chart

foam sling and swathe.jpg

Foam Sling & Swathe

Shoulder Strap

Waist Strap


Criss-Cross Straps

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