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Finger STAX

Clear and Flesh STAX
Clear STAX Kit
Flesh STAX Kit
Clear STAX
Flesh STAX

Product Description

The Finger STAX Splints protect nail bed fingertip injuries, also against Mallet Ginger. It's made of molded plastic and comes in both a clear and flesh color type.

The Finger STAX also will anchor and stay with any type of strap or tape.  They also may come in kits.

Sizing Chart

Flesh STAX sizing chart.png

Product Advantages and Uses

  • STAX allow for the protection of fingers while allowing movement for other fingers​​

  • Help fingers heal faster with a protective splint​

  • Keep cuticle finger lacerations clean and sterile​

  • Anchors in place with a strap or tape​

  • Comes in 8 sizes including 5.5

stax clear.jpg

Clear Finger STAX

Flesh Finger STAX

stax flesh.jpg

Flesh STAX Kit

flesh kit.jpg

Clear STAX Kit

Clear kit.jpg
  • Contains 30 total STAX in kits varying from a size 1-7.

  • Contains 5 of size 1,2,3,4, and 5

  • Contains 2 of size 5.5, and 6

  • Contains 1 of size 7

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