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Figure 8 w/ Stays

Product Description

HCPCs - L1902

Figure 8
Figure 8 Pulling Straps
Figure 8 Laces
Figure 8 Tieing
Figure 8 w/Shoe
Figure 8 Side w/Shoe

Product Advantages and Uses

Figure 8  is constructed out of nylon that is durable and thin, so it can fit in a shoe and breaths easily. It uses a laces to strap design and the Figure 8 helps with compression to the ankle. It also comes with a removable stay for more lateral stability.

The straps are made of non-stretch nylon in order to limit movement to prevent further damage. There are also areas in the tongue and Achilles that have breathable and comfortable flex mesh material. It also has a heel lock and an elastic cuff.

Sizing Chart

Figure 8 with stays sizing chart.jpg
  • Mild to moderate sprains and strains, chronic ankle instabilities, or post-surgery ankle weakness​​​

  • Constructed with non-stretch material for comfort, performance, and durability

  • Lace-up design and figure 8 strapping locks calcaneus into place and controls inversion/eversion​

  • Elastic cuff provides extra support and compression to help relieve ankle pain​

  • Low profile easily fits into most shoes and mesh tongue helps provide a comfortable fit

  • Includes an elastic cuff and heel lock to help keep it and place

  • Includes a removable stay


Sizing the Ankle Circumference

ankle circumference.png
Figure 8 with Stay Primary Photo High Res1024_1.jpg

Crossover Compression Straps

Elastic Binding Strap

Removable Stay

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