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EZ Figure 8 w/ Stays

HCPCs - 1902

EZ Figure 8
EZ Figure 8 Velcro Strapping
EZ Figure 8 Adjusting
EZ Figure 8 Application
EZ Figure 8 Final Wrap
EZ Figure 8 w/Shoe
EZ Figure 8 Front w/Shoe

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Mild to moderate sprains and strains, chronic ankle instabilities, or post-surgery ankle weakness

  • EZ pull tie lacing system avoids hand lacing

  • Constructed with non-stretch nylon straps for comfort, performance, and durability

  • Lace-up design and figure 8 strapping locks calcaneus into place and controls inversion/eversion​

  • Elastic cuff provides extra support and compression to help relieve ankle pain

  • Low profile easily fits into most shoes

  • Breathable mesh tongue helps provide the best comfort and can be worn under a shoe

  • Includes a lateral stay


Product Description

The EZ figure-8 wraps around the ankle to give the perfect level of support. It also treats instability after surgery.  It has a breathable mesh tongue and non-stretch nylon straps to help provide the best fit. It also includes a removable stay that provides lateral stability.

This breathable, low-profile brace will help in times of rehabilitation.  The EZ Velcro® pull tie lacing system makes it much easier to strap up versus the regular figure 8. We also provide sizes from XS-2X.

Sizing Chart

EZ Figure 8 with Stays sizing chart.jpg

Sizing the Ankle Circumference

ankle circumference.png
eZ figure 8 with stays_edited.jpg

EZ Velcro® Straping System

Elastic Binding Strap

Comfort Mesh

Removable Stay

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