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HCPCs - L1902

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Product Description

The EZ figure-8 wraps around the ankle to give the perfect level of support. It also treats instability after surgery.

This breathable, low-profile brace will help in times of rehabilitation.  The EZ Velcro pull ties make it much easier to strap up versus the regular figure 8.

Sizing Chart

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Mild to moderate sprains and strains

  • Chronic ankle instabilities

  • Post-Surgery ankle weakness​

  • EZ pull tie system avoids hand lacing

  • Constructed with non-stretch material for comfort, performance, and durability

  • Lace-up design and Figure 8 strapping locks calcaneus into place and controls inversion/eversion

  • Elastic cuff provides extra support and compression to help relieve ankle pain

  • Low profile design fits easily into most shoes


EZ Velcro Straping System

Elastic Binding Strap

Comfort Mesh