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Bak Tec Step Down
Bak Tec Step Down with panel extract
Highback w/ Side Panels
Highback on Person
Step Down w/ Side Panels
Universal Back Brace Front
Highback Side Profile
Bak Tec Dual Panels
Bak Tec Side Panels
Bak Tec Folding Chart

Exo-Lite Accessory Kit

76-A .jpg

Product Advantages and Uses

  • The extender will extend the size of the brace to 5X-6X

  • Contact patches will allow you to size the brace to XS or smaller.


Product Description

This kit includes an extender to accommodate larger sizes and includes contact patches to help with smaller sizing for the Exo-Lite Universal Back Brace.

Sizing Chart

Screenshot 2023-07-13 140636.png

Products Compatible with Accessory

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