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Premium Dorsal

HCPCs - L4396/L4397

Product Description

Premium Dorsal
Premium Dorsal Ankle Shot
Premium Dorsal
Premium Dorsal Bending Close-Up
Premium Dorsal Back
Premium Dorsal Side
Premium Dorsal Front
Premium Dorsal side
Premium Dorsal Unstrapped
Premium Dorsal Foot Strap
Premium Dorsal Unstrapped
Premium Dorsal Ankle Strap
Premium Dorsal Tightening Straps
Premium Dorsal Tightening Aluminum Strip
Premium Dorsal Back
Premium Dorsal Front

The Premium Dorsal is for treating Plantar Fasciitis/Achilles tendonitis. It's lightweight and is adjustable and low-profile to give maximum comfort. The calf band supports the top of the leg and includes a heel lock.


The foot splint is made to hold your foot in a flexible position. Its elasticity and contour design are made to fit the feet' arch and ankle shape.  It includes anti-migration gel to prevent slipping.  Its design has an open back for a breathable posterior.  

Sizing Chart


Product Advantages and Uses

  • Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, or Heel Pain

  • Adjustable low profile custom stretch of Plantar fascia

  • Breathable / Washable Fabric

  • Heel lock and open-air design for more breathability

  • Available in two sizes

  • Anti-migration Gel to help with any type of slipping

  • The calf band that supports the top of the leg

dorsal premium 13.jpg

Low Profile Dorsi-Flexion Strap

Calf Band

Open Air Design

Heel Lock

dorsal premium 17.jpg

Non-Skid Pad

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