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Bak Tec  Back Brace


Optional Accessories

Bak Tec Step Down
Bak Tec Step Down with panel extract
Highback w/ Side Panels
Highback on Person
Step Down w/ Side Panels
Universal Back Brace Front
Highback Side Profile
Bak Tec Dual Panels
Bak Tec Side Panels
Bak Tec Folding Chart

Product Advantages and Uses

Ice Pack.jpg

  • Spinal instability, spinal stenosis, and Chronic back pain

  • Easy to use universal sizing system​

  • Adjustable pull tabs to allow optimal compression

  • Breathable fabric allows airflow to keep patients cool and dry over long periods of time​

  • Optional extender (Pictured Below) allows up to 6x sizing!

Sizing Chart

Bak Tec Sizing Chart.png

Low Profile Application Video

High Back

HCPCs - L0631 / L0648

high back.jpg

Step Down

HCPCs - L0631 / L0648

Low Profile

BT SD .jpg

HCPCs - L0627 / L0642

BT Low Profile.jpg

High Back With Side Panels

HCPCs - L0637 / L0650

High Back SP.jpg

Step Down With Side Panels

HCPCs - L0637 / L0650

BT SD with panel extract.jpg
Annotation 2020-08-12 122800.png
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