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Back brace adjustable

HCPCs - L0626

Adjustable Back Brace Both Front and Back

Product Description

The Back Brace Adjustable support provides stability and support for chronic sprains and strains of the lower spine, spinal stenosis, and post surgery support.

It also provides additional support to the lower spine to prevent future injury.  It's intended for single patient use only. You can tighten or loosen the strap for the maximum comfort level.

Sizing Chart


Product Advantages and Uses

  • Mild lower back pain

  • Moderate lower back strains and sprains

  • Ideal for pulled or weak muscles

  • Pulley system allows for tailored compression

  • Low profile design allows support to fit comfortable under clothing

  • Metal stays provide added support for the lower back and abdomen

Nylon-String Pulley System

download.png (5).jpg

Side Panels


Nylon Strings

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