Air Gel Ankle

HCPCs - L4350

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Product Advantages and Uses

  • Acute ankle injuries & chronic instability

  • Cold therapeutic support

  • Sturdy plastic outer shell molded to the contours of your ankle

  • Adjustable heel pad for easy fit

  • Unique air and gel bladders provide ideal support, cold therapy, compression and protects against inversion/eversion

  • Post-cast and post-walker support

  • Available in black or white


Product Description

The Air Gel Ankle Brace has a removable padded air cushion and gel pad that can be used for cold therapy. It offers excellent support, comfortably, and compression.

The padded gel has temperature flexibility, so you can put it in the freezer or in hot water for therapeutic needs.

Sizing Chart

Removable Air Gel Bladder

Air Cushion

Gel Pocket