Air Cushion Ankle

HCPCs - L4350

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Air Cushion 9
Air Cushion 8
Air Cushion 7
Air Cushion 6
Air Cushion 10
AC Ankle 1

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Ankle sprain relief

  • Chronic ankle instabilities

  • The combination of foam and air cell provides superior cushioning

  • Unique air bladders provide ideal support, compression and protect against inversion/eversion

  • Adjustable heel pad for easy fit

  • Sturdy plastic outer shell molded to the contours of your ankle

  • Available in black or white

Product Description

This ankle brace has adjustable air-filled bladder liners that provide compression to the ankle and support to the middle and sides of the ankle.

You can adjust the air cushion by adding or releasing air. This can be used for anything from sprains to stabilizing the ankle.

Sizing Chart

Dual Strap

Adjustable Air Cushion

Adjustable Heel Strap