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AFO - Swedish

HCPCs - L1930

AFO Sweedish w/ Shoe
AFO Sweedish
AFO Sweedish w/ Shoe Back
AFO Sweedish Front
AFO Sweedish w/ Shoe Side
AFO Sweedish Back

Product Description

The AFO Swedish provides daily support for people suffering from Drop Foot. This brace can easily fit in most shoes. It also features a moldable/trimmable footplate.


Also, because of the ability to trim the footplate to your specific size, it can be worn under long pants and not be visible. The straps are trimmable as well for a better fit.

Sizing Chart

sweedish afo.png

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Provide ankle and joint stability

  • Aid when treating drop foot

  • Assist in preventing stumbling or falling

  • Injected molded polyethylene

  • Lightweight and flexible

  • Hook and loop closure

  • Open heel and lower calf section

  • Rigid, but also has the ability to be trimmed

  • Can be worn easily under long pants


Hook & Loop Closure

Ankle Strap

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