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Adjustable Night Splint


HCPCs - L4396/L4397

Adjustable Night Splint Black
Adjustable Night Splint Straps Open

Product Description

This device mainly stretches the arch region. This brace comes standard with a wedge that can be removed to stretch your foot out more.  The dual flexion straps adjust the foot to the desired degree.  It has traction on the bottom for better movability during the night.

It has a removable liner that is washable and easy to take care of. The closure straps feature an easy-to-strap buckle system so that once the brace is sized, it can be easily buckled and unbuckled.

Sizing Chart

ADJ night splint sizing chart.png

Product Advantages and Uses

  • Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, or Heel pain​

  • Optimal dorsi-flexion straps for adjustment for a more acute angle

  • Maximum comfort for enhanced compliance​

  • Removable Liner and wedge​

  • Small lycra®, lined covering over a foam pad

  • durable buckles to position the strap, and the primary strap is to only set it initially and forget it

  • Traction at the bottom for better movability if someone, for example, wanted to go to the restroom

  • Comes from XS to up to XL

Adjustable Night Splint 1.jpg

Removable Liner

Flexion Straps

Removable Wedge

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