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8" Wrist

HCPCs - L3908

Wrist Orthosis
Thumb Orthosis on Arm
Thumb Orthosis Straps

Product Advantages and Uses

Product Description

The 8'' Wrist provides immobilization, the best comfort, and the ease of use for the treatment of wrist sprains, strains, and carpal tunnel.

It's sized by the left or right arm and by the circumference of your wrist in inches. The straps will also provide excellent comfort to your size.

Sizing Chart

Wrist Orthosis 8in Sizing Chart.png
  • Soft tissue injuries​

  • Post cast healing​

  • Wrist tendinitis​

  • Adjustable palmer and dorsal stays​

  • Soft, Lycra-Lined® interior for exceptional comfort and fit.​

  • Easy to use straps​

  • Available in five sizes, Left and Right

8 wrist 5.jpg

D-Ring Hook and Loop Closure

Bi-Lateral Single Action Hinge

Medical-Grade Velcro® Straps

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